1,000 Manufacturing Jobs Secured in Louisville, Kentucky

Offering a range of services to jobseekers and local manufacturers, the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center (KMCC) is a one-stop shop for individuals interested in working in Louisville’s growing manufacturing sector. An initiative of KentuckianaWorks, KMCC fulfills their mission of “Building a stronger community one person at a time through the dignity of work.”

These efforts are emphasized in the 4 years 1,000 Jobs report in which KMCC meets the needs of a diverse populace interested in manufacturing by establishing connections to a variety of programs that also meet the skills requirements of local employers. For instance, the Certified Production Technician (CPT) readies workers for entry-level positions. The Manufacturing Training & Employment Connection (M-TEC) program connects individuals to local employers after earning 5 specialized certificates. Lastly, Manufacturing Training for English Language Leaners (M-TELL) focuses on specialized content and vocabulary directly associated with the field and offers a chance to earn two additional certificates that provide pathways to a management role.

Highlighting the success from the past four years, these programs have dramatically impacted working individuals in the region:

  • 1,000 job seekers have secure a new job with a $13.13 average hourly wage for overall job placements and a $13.94 average hourly wage for Certified Production Technician placements
  • 3,046 certificates and credentials were awarded to jobseekers and workers in the region demonstrating the development of the region’s overall workforce.

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