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The National Fund for Workforce Solutions invests in a dynamic national network of regional collaboratives that are taking a demand-driven, evidence-based approach to workforce development. At the local level, the National Fund’s partner organizations contribute resources, test ideas, collect data, and improve public policies and business practices that help all workers succeed and employers have the talent they need to compete.

Our network is always evolving as the world around us changes. This webpage serves as a resource for communities interested in becoming a part of the National Fund network. Below you will find resources that will provide you with information about the value of the network, strengthening collaboratives, and the membership application process.


About The National Fund Network

Learn about the National Fund network and what membership has to offer for your community. Hear directly from National Fund network members about the value they receive from membership in the network.

Join the Network FAQs

This compilation of questions and responses will provide you with important information regarding the National Fund, membership criteria, the process for joining, and more.

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Required Reading

These resources provide important information that you should be familiar with as you begin considering joining the National Fund network.

Next Steps

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