Greenville Region Workforce Collaborative

Greenville Works is a partnership of local, state and national organization working together to help new and existing businesses in Greenville meet their workforce needs in order to succeed. Greenville Works believes that the great competitive challenge today, and in the future, revolves around building and sustaining a qualified workforce and is committed to promoting life-long learning, developing higher skilled workers and growing per-capita income in Greenville County. As part of its efforts, Greenville Works manage the Greenville Business Retention and Expansion Program, which calls on hundred of Greenville County businesses annually to consider and report on their challenges and opportunities.

Sector Focus

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Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Industry Partnerships

Transportation Manufacturing

The Transportation Manufacturing partnership provides funding for entry-level training and placement followed by opportunities for advanced skills training, helping fill the second tier pipeline that has proven difficult to fill. The Partnership is also working with employers to establish career ladders within their organizations so that trainees and other employees can understand the path and its requirements.

Collaborative Contact