Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Workforce Innovation Network

The Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Workforce Innovation Network is a philanthropic collaborative formed in 2013 to strengthen the workforce in the seven-county Minneapolis—Saint Paul region through 2020. Due to significant economic changes and demographic trends occurring now and in the future, the network believes that targeted action on the region’s workforce is required to stay competitive and for businesses to thrive over the long term. These actions are also necessary to carry out the shared priorities of the local philanthropic organizations to reduce poverty and promote economic opportunity for all. Working across multiple industries MSPWin expand career pathways, improve Minnesota’s workforce and economic data, and better engage employers in workforce development.

Sector Focus

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Industry Partnerships

Expand successful career pathways programs

In 2013, MSPWin successfully secured Minnesota’s first investment in career pathways growing the state’s investment in career pathways to $11.2M in 3 years. MSPWin continues to advocate for more state funding for the proven career pathways approach. These investments include Pathways to Prosperity, innovative approaches to contextualized GEDs and College Readiness Academies in Adult Basic Education funding, and directing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training funds to career pathways.

Create standardized outcome reporting and evaluation

In 2013 and 2014, MSPWin worked to pass standard outcome measures to ensure that all government funded workforce programs are reported to DEED’s online report card. Before MSPWin, there was no standard or transparent reporting mechanism and outcome measures varied by program. MSPWin tracks information on key indicators of economic disparities, including the number of additional adults of color working needed to eliminate disparities and the number of adults earning a family sustaining wage.

Engage employers in workforce development

MSPWin works to improve employer engagement in the region’s workforce system to develop and expand successful career pathways. MSPWin supported a successful construction industry workforce system led by Saint Paul College, the Minnesota Building Trades Council, and Associated General Contractors of Minnesota. MSPWin plans to identify at least three construction trade occupations with the greatest needs, develop career pathways maps, and create a five-year work plan to diversify the future of the construction sector.

Collaborative Contact

Ellen Watters Interim Director