Springfield WORKS

The vision of Springfield WORKS is for Springfield to have thriving communities, where economic opportunity, growth, and resilience are possible for all. Achieving that vision requires ongoing, collaborative work to build trust, remove systemic and racial barriers, and create pathways to economic opportunity and well-being. Springfield WORKS is committed to addressing and overcoming these challenges.  Partners agree that our region is “rich in programs” but “poor in systems” with a need to collaborate in order to align the assets in our community, identify where the real gaps are, and work together to close those gaps.

Sector Focus

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Industry Partnerships

Healthcare Workforce Partnership of Western Mass

The partnership is comprised of employers, workforce development leaders, and training and education providers who are dedicated to strengthening the region’s healthcare workforce and enhancing the quality of patient care. The partnership responds to the workforce needs of employers and ensures that workers have access to the education and training needed to prepare them for lifelong careers in the rapidly changing healthcare industry. Areas of focus include nursing and allied health occupations.

Healthcare Anchor Network

Healthcare Anchor Network provides expert advice and access to a network of health systems involved in anchor activities to increase local, diverse hiring and promotions to address economic inequities in the healthcare field. Springfield WORKS strategies drive the Western Mass Anchor Collaborative Workforce hiring and career advancement initiative.

Collaborative Contact