Triad Workforce Solutions Collaborative

The Triad Workforce Solutions Collaborative is a growing funders collaborative based in Greensboro, North Carolina, with the goals of facilitating career advancement for workers and developing a more skilled and stable workforce for employers. The collaborative emerged from the Greensboro Works Task Force—a group of business, community, and nonprofit leaders convened by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and United Way of Greater Greensboro. The Task Force’s primary goal was to help the community develop a cooperative, informed and shared vision for the long-term economic success of our residents.

Sector Focus

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Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Industry Partnerships

North Carolina Center for Global Logistics

The Global Logistics partnership seeks to promote the value and importance of the supply chain industry to the Greensboro economy. Its working to expand the number of supply-chain focused educational programs in North Carolina, attract more people to careers in the supply chain industry, and work with school systems, community colleges and universities to establish and/or expand their supply chain programs. The partnership also manages the Global Logistics Associate certificate program, participates in studies and research to quantify the size of the North Carolina’s supply chain industry, and briefs key North Carolina departments and legislature on the region’s supply chain industry.

Guilford Apprenticeship Partners

The manufacturing partnership is developing a pipeline of skilled employees to fill current and future jobs in the region’s advanced manufacturing industry. Partnership employers are creating a pilot high school through a college registered apprenticeship program, recruiting high school juniors and seniors who will apply for a paid summer internship at one of these employers, and creating a pool from which students will be selected for paid apprenticeships at these employers in the 16-17 school year. The employers will also pay for the community college education of these students, including paying them while they are in class at the community college.

StepUp Greensboro

In an effort to address unemployment and underemployment in low-income populations, the StepUp Greensboro partnership is providing comprehensive wraparound services including job readiness and life-skills training. Over 18 months, the partnership trains participants in resume writing, interviewing skills, effective communication, soft skills, basic financial management, healthy relationships, goal setting, connection to needed social services, etc.

Collaborative Contact

Meridith Berger and Brian Norris