Wilmington Alliance: Wilmington is Working

The Wilmington Alliance is a collaborative organization based on a Collective Impact Model Framework. Wilmington Alliance facilitates pathways to create a more equitable landscape for Wilmington residents by fostering economic mobility for all. The Alliance’s main initiatives are centered around targeted approaches in workforce development, entrepreneurship, small business support, community-engaged revitalization, and creative placemaking. The Wilmington Alliance: Wilmington is Working Collaborative is committed to align equitable strategies for job growth thus strengthening the Wilmington workforce ecosystem.

Sector Focus

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Financial & Business Services
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Information Technology

Industry Partnerships

The Association of Builders and Contractors of Delaware

Wilmington Alliance leads a construction trades partnership of The Association of Builders and Contractors of Delaware, along with other stakeholders and programming partners, in support of the Universal Construction program.

Second Chance Employment Pipeline Program

Second Chance is an initiative launched with anchor funding from JPMorgan Chase that connects justice-involved citizens with stable career pathways in high-growth sectors such as banking, IT, and healthcare. This initiative is a partnership between Wilmington Alliance, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, NERDiT NOW, Peace by Piece, Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, Wilmington HOPE Commission, Delaware Center for Justice and Project New Start.

Collaborative Contact

Renata B. Kowalczyk CEO, Wilmington Alliance