Workforce Central

Workforce Central aims to transform workforce development in the rural Central Wisconsin region by implementing a dual customer strategy that aims to achieve the  best outcome for everyone in greater south Wood County who wants to work, has ample opportunities to prepare for and secure a family sustaining job, and advance in a career over time.

Incourage’s Workforce Central is comprised of three leadership groups: Funders CollaborativeService Provider Network, and Manufacturing Partnership. The collaborative brings together philanthropy, employers, government, and educational and service providers with the goal of achieving their ultimate goal: “Everyone in south Wood County who wants to work has ample opportunities to prepare for and secure a family-sustaining job and advance in a career. Current and prospective workers conveniently access a comprehensive, seamless array of education, training, and support services, provided by a strong partnership of employers, educators, and service providers that takes shared responsibility for a healthy workforce, economy, and job market. Adopted February 2010”

Sector Focus

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Green Services & Energy Efficiency
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Industry Partnerships

Manufacturing Partnership

The Manufacturing Partnership convenes manufacturing employers to foster peer-to-peer leadership and learning and to create common strategies for promoting manufacturing careers and developing the region’s talent pipeline. CEO Peer Council provides a network for collective problem solving and best practices sharing. The Business/Education Committee works with the area K-14 systems to narrow the skills gap, and incumbent and job seeker training programs have been developed collaboratively with a technical college partner.

Pathways Partnership

The Pathways Partnership offers an accelerated GED program and pre-college preparation, for occupations in gerontology/memory caregiving, customer service/office technology, and industrial manufacturing. The Partnership offers fundamentals trainings to help jobseekers develop industry-specific skill and overcome barriers to obtaining employment skills and credentials.

Collaborative Contact