Healthcare Connect 2018


In late October 2018, CareerSTAT and Hope Street Group’s Career Pathways Network hosted Healthcare Connect: Developing the Frontline Workforce Together in New Orleans. More than 150 healthcare and workforce leaders came together to discuss the critical challenges facing healthcare’s frontline workforce.

Learning At Healthcare Connect

Healthcare Connect provided healthcare and workforce leaders with an opportunity to learn from each other about many issues healthcare organizations across the country are facing. Through an engaging series of plenaries and workshops, attendees got an opportunity to share their experiences and challenges and learn new tools and strategies to overcome obstacles in developing their frontline workforce.

A few key overarching themes emerged from Healthcare Connect. One was sustainability. Healthcare leaders are continuously seeking ways to demonstrate the value of their frontline workforce investments. Attendees were able to hear about the tools, resources, and strategies used by healthcare leaders who have succeeded in this area (Hint: it usually involves rejecting workforce “programs” in favor of frontline workforce development that is wholly part of business strategy).

Another theme that came up throughout the day was inclusivity and racial equity and how to prioritize it. Healthcare organizations must be intentional about inclusive, local hiring, so their workforce matches patient populations.

Lastly, the power of peer learning was evident throughout the workshops and plenaries. The problems and challenges facing healthcare organizations are not unique to them. Many of their peers have faced, or are facing, similar problems. Recognizing that there is a network of peers, ready to provide advice and support, is critical for success.

Attendees selected from among four unique workshop tracks, each focused on a different issue. The tracks started at a fairly high level and got more and more detailed throughout the day. Learn more about each of the workshop tracks below.

Designing and Marketing Your Talent Development Strategy Developing Pipelines & Pathways for Frontline Workers Implementing Healthcare Apprenticeships to Fill Skill Gaps Adopting Equity and Inclusion Practices for Frontline Worker Success

How to create and market a data-informed, compelling talent development strategy to obtain buy-in from key stakeholders, including leadership, employees, clinical managers, and the community.

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Strategies to develop multiple pipelines through sourcing local talent and investing in incumbent advancement to fill high demand positions.


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Learn key aspects of healthcare apprenticeships, including different program models, how to design a program, engage clinical leaders and identify job competencies.


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Learn how to integrate policies and practices that intentionally provide frontline workers with equitable and inclusive opportunity to succeed and grow.


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Healthcare Connect App and Resources

The meeting app will continue to be available to attendees. With the app, you can access workshop and plenary materials, speaker bios, the participant list, and social media posts and account links. As a reminder, you can access the web version of the app anytime at