Liberation Learning Community

Coaching and Learning for Race Equity and Inclusion

The National Fund’s Liberation Learning Community is a learning space that is co-created and shaped by participants. It’s a space to reflect on resistance to racial equity and justice within participants’ local workforce ecosystems.

The Liberation Learning Community is designed for anyone who works for a collaborative in the National Fund network. These dedicated workforce practitioners develop and hone facilitation skills, identify ways to engage in difficult conversations on race, power, and privilege, and experience a safe space for restoration and personal growth through community.

The Liberation Learning Community members push themselves, their stakeholders and partners, and the National Fund to be brave and creative for racial justice.

Designed in partnership with external facilitators and National Fund staff, the Liberation Learning Community engages in group sessions and receives one-on-one coaching.

Participants in the Liberation Learning Community commit to bring their whole selves to the experience and have a deep commitment to racial and economic justice.

They are willing to explore how social identities shape our view of the world and how we show up in the workplace. They are prepared to grow beyond individual ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Finally, they are ready to act.

Stories From the LLC


“This experience is by far the most compelling opportunity I’ve had with the National Fund. It allowed me to connect with other collaborative directors on a much deeper and personal level, which I think has created fertile soil for additional collaboration.”

– Rob Hope, Director of ReWork the Bay (Oakland)

“I came in as someone who was scared of racial equity conversations because of my identity as a Black woman. I felt like I would be carrying an agenda in those conversations and couldn’t necessarily move hearts and minds. I was able to go back to my workforce collaborative and have conversations about what we mean about workforce equity in ways that I was not comfortable doing before the Liberation Learning Community. It’s given me an opportunity to grow and be a leader in my own community.”

– Andrea Glispie, former Director of Pathways to Work (Dallas)

“It’s been such an incredibly, deeply valuable experience. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to connect with some of my National Fund colleagues in a really authentic and genuine way. We’ve been able to get really real with each other and work through challenging conversations meant to make us feel uncomfortable. We learned to lean into that discomfort because that’s important to help us make progress as individuals — and then bring that back to our communities.”

– Kaitlyn Bean, Senior Program Officer at SkillWorks (Boston)


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