Get to Know Systems Change (Videos)

Learn how National Fund sites are improving economic mobility through systems change

Communities around the country are tackling some of the hardest problems that prevent people from getting and keeping a good job, like crushing criminal justice fines and fees, broken public transportation systems, and an absence of training opportunities.

These kinds of complex problems require moving beyond traditional train-and-place approaches.

They require a systems thinking mindset in order to go deeper, to truly understand how the problem works and create better solutions.

Learn more here with these short videos explaining how our network partners in Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Syracuse have applied a systems-thinking mindset to their workforce development work.


From the Bottom to the Top: Economic Mobility in Atlanta


Punishing the Poor: Public Policy and Employment in Baltimore


Getting to Work: The Transportation Paradox in Northeast Ohio


Planning for People: Opportunity and Regional Development in Syracuse, New York


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