Holistic Investment in Frontline Workers with a Focus on the Future

Dallas’ Methodist Health may hold the title for ‘Best Places to Work’ for 15 consecutive years, but if you ask its senior leaders, they’ll say that maintaining its status as a trusted leader for health and wellness needs requires a demonstrable, holistic investment in its workers. Education is key to making sure that its workforce remains motivated and Methodist Health’s partnering with tuition assistance management platform EdAssist has also helped create an overall culture of continuous learning and career advancement. What’s more, Methodist Health allocates more than $2M a year to ensure that its workers are provided with tuition reimbursement, career pathways training and mentoring/coaching opportunities. In 2018, 367 workers enrolled in training programs, including 337 incumbent frontline workers.

Methodist Health also believes that youth are its future, and partners with local area high schools to provide a training ground for students who may be interested in pursuing healthcare careers someday. From its College and Career pathways opportunities to an 80-hour nurse intensivist offering, Methodist Health makes sure future pipelines – not only in clinical care but also public relations and food services — are being pumped with local talent.

CareerSTAT’s Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion program recognizes healthcare organizations investing in the careers and skills of their frontline workers. Organizations are designated as Champions and Emerging Champions. Champions meet all of CareerSTAT’s recognition criteria, including making skill and career development accessible, offering programs at a significant scale, measuring program business impact, and building sustainable programs. Emerging Champions are in earlier stages of investment and working with CareerSTAT leaderships to strengthen their programs. Learn more at www.NationalFund.org/CareerSTAT.