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Measuring the Impact on Business Outcomes

Measuring the Impact on Business Outcomes

How do I know if my idea is helping improve business outcomes?
How do I measure my impact along the way?

Why does this matter?

At this point, you’ve tested your idea, you know folks are excited, and you’re ready to roll it out on a larger scale. To help make the business case for continued investment, it’s helpful to understand how your ideas impact the organizational outcomes you set out to improve through this process.

Measuring Early and Often

Before you scale up your idea beyond a small test, conduct surveys or interviews to gather a baseline set of measures. These pretest measures show you where you stand on key issues related to your idea.

Once you’ve had your pilot in place for a while, repeat the surveys or interviews as in-test or post-test measures to understand ongoing impact.


Does My Idea Work?


Measuring Your Impact

Set aside 30-60 minutes for this activity, plus time to collect and analyze data.


Now that you’ve worked out the kinks of your idea, you’re ready to measure impact. This worksheet covers four steps to help you make a measurement plan that works for your organization.

  1. Identify what you’re measuring
  2. Plan how you’ll collect your data
  3. Identify what questions you’ll use to measure impact
  4. Collect and learn from your data


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