Boston Children’s Hospital
CareerSTAT worked with Boston Children’s Hosipital (BCH) to measure the business impact of three training programs supported by the Boston funder collaborative, SkillWorks. The report provides a case study on how BCH designed and implemented its frontline training programs and what business returns it received from those investments.
Health Care Careers Collaborative

This report seeks to determine the net benefits received by employers as a result of participation in the HCC partnership. Based on the report, the net return is estimated to be $216,137, giving a return-on-investment (ROI) of 11.9%.

ROI Study of Cigna

Lumina ROI Cover- Cigna

An analysis of health insurer Cigna’s Education Reimbursement Program (ERP) shows every dollar the company puts into the program is returned and generates an additional $1.29 in savings—a 129 percent return on investment.

ROI Study of Advocate Health

Lumina ROI- AdvocateAn analysis of Advocate Health Care’s Education Assistance Program (EAP), conducted by Accenture and partner Lumina Foundation, shows a 4-percent return on every dollar invested in tuition assistance for the health system.