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There is no “one-size-fits-all” model for health care providers to effectively invest in their frontline workforce, but there are both programmatic and organizational practices common to the most successful employer-based programs. Fundamentally, “best practice” employers—including CareerSTAT’s Frontline Health Care Worker Champions—view their frontline employees as critical assets that increase business impact and improve quality of care. The CareerSTAT Guide to Investing in Frontline Health Care Workers features CareerSTAT Champion organizations that employ a combination of programmatic and organizational best practices.

Programmatic Best Practices

Programmatic best practices engage frontline workers directly in many forms of workforce training and education to expand talent pipelines and make learning and career advancement easily accessible.

Organizational Best Practices

At the highest level, organizational best practices ensure that the necessary infrastructure and support are in place so that workforce training and education programs have the greatest impact on both the business and individual workers.

Inclusive Hiring

Accessible Learning

Career Advancement

Engaging Leadership

Developing Infrastructure

Leveraging Resources

Recruit from the Community

Incumbent Worker Pipeline

Structured Onboarding

Basic Skills Development

Work-Based Learning

Competency-Based Instruction

Flexible Learning Options

Enhanced Career Training

Career Exploration Tools

Career Counseling and Coaching

Career Pathways

Alignment with Organizational Priorities

Senior Leadership Support

Supervisors as Coaches

Workforce Development Staff

Skill and Educational Assessments

Supportive HR Policies

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Seed Funding & Investment

Industry Partnerships

Partner Expertise & Resources

Integrate with Business Operations

While not every employer can adopt all of these practices, CareerSTAT offers a framework for selecting practices that will ensure effective investments that develop frontline worker skills and have an impact on important business metrics. Employers can select practices based on organizational needs and capabilities, recognizing that a combination of both programmatic and structural practices is necessary.

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