Improving Job Quality

We’re working to support the creation of more good jobs by helping businesses develop new practices and programs that improve working conditions and strengthen operations.

A Good Job is a Competitive Advantage

As labor conditions tighten across the country and businesses develop new ways to recruit and retain talent, the National Fund and its partners believe a good job is a competitive advantage. Employers across its network of 4,000 businesses are developing or offering on-the-job training programs, tuition reimbursement, innovative hiring practices, career pathways, cross training, and upskilling programs to make their employees more productive and their companies more successful. The National Fund is working to document these successful models and support businesses in implementing them into their operations.

Growing Numbers of Good Jobs

The National Fund believes that creating and growing more good jobs is essential to providing individuals and families with the benefits of their labor, giving them the opportunity to a higher quality of life and building a prosperous future for all. A good job includes family-supporting wages, good benefits and, if desired, full-time, reliable hours. It provides opportunities for training, advancement, and participation in decision making. In addition, it requires good and fair supervision and linkages to public benefits. While ‘good jobs’ require additional supports, the National Fund is documenting how such practices reduce turnover and error costs, increases employee engagement and retention and ultimately improves a company’s operations and profitability.

Recognizing Outstanding Businesses and Practices

The National Fund showcases organizations that offer quality employment to all employees and work to make education, training, and advancement open across their organizations. Organizations that utilize innovative practices to hire, train, and retrain youth have been designated Young Adult Employer Champions and health care organizations that make lasting investments in their frontline staff have been recognized by CareerSTAT as Frontline Health Care Worker Champions.