Meet the 'New' National Fund - Our Mission

Last month we celebrated the National Fund’s launch as an independent organization. This adventurous step symbolizes the growth and evolution of the National Fund into an accomplished network of 32 partner communities, each with its own distinctive characteristics, funders, and priorities. Our regional workforce funder collaboratives are the core of this organization. They do the hard work on the ground: engaging employers, designing training, pushing for systems change, raising funds, developing innovative practices, and advocating for more good jobs.

Helping employers find skilled workers remains a core objective of our work. But our step to independence also came with an expanded mission:

To drive practices, policies, and investments that enable workers to succeed in good jobs, provide employers with a skilled workforce, and build more prosperous communities.

Celebrating our independence only makes sense if we use this new status to help all our community members and their families share in our nation’s prosperity. Please let me know your thoughts:​.

– Fred Dedrick, National Fund President and CEO