2015 Frontline Worker Champion: Penn Medicine

Serving the Philadelphia area, Penn Medicine is comprised of four hospitals, multiple clinical care providers, the nation’s first school of medicine, the Perelman School of Medicine, and its first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital. As a result of its multifaceted training approach utilizing on-site training, tuition assistance, and accelerated apprenticeship programs to develop its frontline workforce, Penn Medicine has been recognized as a 2015 CareerSTAT Frontline Worker Champion.

Using its Patient Service Excellence Academy, Penn Medicine has placed over 60 participants into apprenticeships for five-weeks of immersive on-the-job training.

Through its Center for Innovation and Learning and its partnerships with local colleges and universities, Penn Medicine offers 300 development sessions that approximately 150 employees participate in each day. The development sessions strive to enhance job performance and create a pipeline for future staffing demand.