2015 Frontline Worker Champion: Urban Health Plan

Urban Health Plan, Inc.: Providing Opportunities for Advancement

Serving the Bronx for over 40 years, and Corona, Queens for over five years, Urban Health Plan is deeply rooted in its community. In addition to providing comprehensive health care services, it also believes in hiring locally and providing first chances at employment to individuals with certificates and other entry level credentials. Urban Health Plan is committed to promoting from within and offering opportunities that positively impact local neighborhoods. For its ongoing investment in its frontline workforce and community, Urban Health Plan has been recognized as a 2015 CareerSTAT Frontline Worker Champion.

Urban Health Plan offers a range of diverse programs including an internship program, tuition assistance programs, connections to career and technical schools, college advisement, and career guidance. In addition to training its employees, Urban Health Plan invests in community. Last year, nearly 200 frontline workers and community residents participated in diverse internship and career exploration opportunities which allowed them to gain experience in key roles.