2017 Emerging Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion: SEIU Healthcare PA Training & Education Fund

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Pennsylvania Training and Education Fund is an independent Taft-Harley Trust Fund that serves SEIU members in 57 long-term care facilities and two hospitals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With the Training Fund, healthcare workers receive support to go back to school, develop skills, advance their careers, and improve the quality of care for patients, residents, and clients. Originally formed in 2006 by a statewide industry partnership, the Fund has grown from only 8 nursing homes in 2010 to 59 partners in 2017. Since its conception, the Training and Education Fund has invested over $5,000,000 in frontline worker skill training, made possible by dozens of employers co-investing their funds.

In the face of dramatic industry changes and a trend towards managed care, facility-based, long-term care providers are increasingly focused on utilizing staff at the highest level to improve quality of resident care. In collaboration with the Training and Education Fund, providers have developed enhanced skills training for all levels of employees. In addition, the Fund is bringing managers and frontline workers together to form training and coaching quality improvement teams. CNAs, LPNs, and dietary aides are working with managers to identify opportunities for increased efficiency while at the same time improving the resident experience.