An Analysis of the Impact of the HCC Programs at TriHealth

In partnership with Partners for a Competitive Workforce and Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati, Trihealth in Cincinnati, OH measured the return on its training and workforce investments across a range of programs. The report considers the impact of training on a range of business metrics including turnover, retention, workforce diversity, and employee satisfaction. The reports concludes with the following findings and considers training investments to have measurable and positive impact on key human resource and business metrics.

While a variety of results were noted, some significant differences point towards the benefit of such programs. Positive results from this study included the following and the report recommends further development of and participation in workforce traning programs:

  • Lower turnover rate for all groups participating in the Health Careers Collaborative programs
  • Greater employee satisfaction in PCA and HCC treatment groups
  • Greater diversity in all groups involved in the Health Careers
  • Collaborative programs, such as an increased percentage of African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans.
  • High evaluation scores and minimal rates of the presence of performance counseling for those groups participating in the programs
  • Greater percent change in pay over time for the SAW and HCC groups