Evaluation Guide: How Collaboratives Can Design, Manage and Use Evaluations

The purpose of this Evaluation Guide is to assist the Regional/Rural Collaboratives in designing, managing, and effectively using evaluation to support your work in light of the new strategic role you have assumed. While historically local private and public investors have co-funded and coordinated workforce development efforts, a Collaborative operates as a strategic player within a region. It brings together critical stakeholders and resources to invest in long-term and sustainable efforts to change the economic prospects of workers and employers at a regional scale. The Collaborative does that by identifying and supporting effective practice, improving public workforce systems, and changing employer behavior.

NFWS has established a broad framework of goals and strategies; it also has funded a national evaluation to assess the progress made in achieving these goals. While each Collaborative operates within this NFWS framework, as a strategic regional player you will tailor this framework to effectively address the workforce challenges and opportunities of your community. You also will want to know if the investments you are making are paying off and what the problem is if your goals are not being achieved. The national evaluation will offer insights through an analysis across the NFWS-funded sites, but you will need a local evaluation that is directly responsive to your goals and direction.