On-The-Job Training Regional Spotlight: Seattle

Advancing Careers in Aerospace Manufacturing

This program works with existing employer partners to help workers develop critical competitive skills and create career advancement opportunities for job seekers that complete Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC)’s 10-week pre-apprenticeship bridge program. Program resources are an incentive for employers to offer apprenticeship opportunities to underserved populations — hiring and training a diverse set of apprentices in an accelerated, cost-effective way.

Whenever possible, OJT participants continue in AJAC registered apprenticeship training programs with employer partners after the end of the OJT subsidy. Participants are placed with AJAC employer partners who have open positions. Employers agree in writing to hire apprentices within a structure that provides workers with continued career pathways and wage increases that culminates in a journey-level card and up to 60 college credits.