Optimax Systems: Business Logic of Continuous Learning

I Becoming an Employer of Choice

An optician inspecting quality.

Founded in 1991 by a group of moonlighting Kodak technicians, working in what was formerly a barn, Optimax is the largest manufacturer of prototype optics in the U.S. Optimax’s 60,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, located in Ontario, New York, includes 30 different manufacturing cells producing optics in a range of shapes and sizes. Optimax strives to make optics faster, more cost-effective, and of higher precision, which requires a highly-trained and engaged workforce. Optimax hires creative and motivated individuals and then shapes their performance by:

  • Empowering individuals and teams to make decisions,
  • Investing in continuous learning and career development,
  • Sharing information broadly throughout the company,
  • Rewarding success through generous profit-sharing, and
  • Providing opportunities to work on innovative projects that benefit humankind.