Our Strategic Priorities



Across the National Fund network, job openings are plentiful and employers bemoan a lack of skilled workers to fill them. We have an opportunity to bring new workers into this economy. To invest in people and their skills, pay a decent wage, provide a safe place to work, and foster a culture where workers’ contributions matter. A good job is a competitive advantage.

After a decade of economic recovery, with business profits strong and inflation in check, now is the time to build an economy that works for everyone.

These conditions demand a new set of strategic priorities for this country and for this organization.

Strategic Priorities 2020 - 2024

Strengthen Network Capacity to Drive Impact, Locally and Nationally

Invest in the capacity and resilience of our collaboratives to improve local systems and outcomes and amplify the impact and reach of the collective network.



Support Worker Success and Facilitate Increased Worker Engagement

Include workers in all aspects of our workforce solutions as we invest in their skills, increase their productivity, and improve opportunities for advancement.



Cultivate More Employers of Choice and Promote Good Jobs

Partner with employers to actively engage in industry partnerships and employer-led networks to increase their competitive advantage and make jobs better.



Promote Racial Equity and Inclusion in Workforce Outcomes

Improve workforce systems, business practices, and public policies, with community and organizational partners, to reduce racial disparities.



Build a Rigorous Evaluation and Continuous Learning Culture

Implement an evaluation practice that systematically measures the impact of our solutions and supports continuous improvement.