Skills DayCareer Advancement

Individuals seeking jobs in health care often see frontline positions as their first step toward a higher level, higher-paying position. Yet the low wages and high hurdles to advancement, including unclear pathways to licensed positions and lack of support for enhanced training, are major spurs to worker turnover and related employer costs. Employers who champion career advancement provide access to tools, resources, and opportunities needed to make advancement a reality.


Enhanced Training to Meet New Performance Standards

As the demand for caregiving shifts from acute care to outpatient settings, workers may need to retool their skills.

Career Exploration Tools and Opportunities

Make possible career paths, and the actions and educational preparation required for each step, visible and comprehensible to all employees.

Career Counseling and Coaching

Assess workers’ interests, guide their choices, and address their personal and academic challenges.

Career Pathways

Offer frontline workers options for advancement on the job, including career moves within or between job families and occupations.