Engaging Leadership

Frontline workforce initiatives succeed when leadership at all levels—chief executives, department heads, managers, and supervisors of frontline workers—support organizational investments in frontline workers. Having champions who understand and tout program benefits to other leaders helps to secure financial backing and commitment throughout the organization. And above all, strong leadership support binds workforce investment to organizational priorities and goals


Alignment with Organizational Priorities and Goals

Ensure that initiatives become “part of the way we do business” rather than one-time programs by making investments that reflect core organizational priorities.

Senior Leader Support and Sponsorship

Senior leaders such as chief human resource officers, vice presidents, or facility administrators often serve as champions, both internally and to the larger healthcare and workforce professional community.

Supervisors as Coaches

As coaches or mentors, managers support their staff by encouraging them to grow their skills and consider steps to advance their careers. As champions, they recommend employees for training programs and grant release from work duties to participate in training.