Inclusive Hiring

Inclusive hiring involves a set of practices that gives local community members and incumbent workers an opportunity to grow their careers in healthcare and provides employers with an expanded pipeline to fill high-demand positions. Employers frequently partner with community-based organizations or workforce intermediaries to implement inclusive hiring practices to improve the success of these programs and decrease turnover of entry-level workers.


Recruit from the community

Health care employers, particularly urban hospitals, are intentionally recruiting and hiring individuals from the communities in which their patients and families live in order to offer opportunities to residents, increase workforce diversity, and demonstrate local investment.

Create an incumbent worker pipeline

Recruiting and hiring incumbent workers into high-demand occupations offers employers a pipeline of employees that already meet important organizational hiring criteria.

Provide structured onboarding of new hires

Support mechanisms are essential to ground new hires in the systems and workplace professionalism of the organization and their unit, as well as in job tasks and expectations.