Leveraging Resources

Employers that make lasting investments in their frontline workers have mastered the art of leveraging resources from a variety of sources to start, scale, and sustain programs and infrastructure. Co-investment with philanthropy, other employers, unions, community-based organizations and government is the key to transitioning from temporary program-based funding for frontline worker development to more sustained funding of infrastructure supported by an organization’s operational budget.


Secure Seed Funding and Develop Co-Investment Strategies

Seed capital provided by public grants and philanthropic investments brings employers and other stakeholders together to create workforce development programs.

Form Industry Partnerships with Other Employers

Healthcare workforce partnerships are dynamic collaborations of regional employers who convene regularly with the assistance of a workforce intermediary to discuss shared human resources issues, exchange labor market information and take specific actions to address workforce challenges.

Leverage Partner Expertise and Resources

Drawing on the strengths of partner organizations is an effective use of resources and demonstrates collaboration and a desire for collective impact.

Integrate with Business Operations

Full integration of workforce development into business operations ensures sustainability and signals commitment to providing accessible career advancement opportunities for frontline staff.