Reframing the Narrative on Race: Lessons from Awareness Building in Northeast Ohio

WEDNESDAY 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM | Racial Equity

What happens when a community comes together to unpack the history of structural racism and how it manifests locally? Over the last two years, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, the Fund for Our Economic Future, and other engaged partners funded a learning journey to increase shared understanding of racial inequality in Northeast Ohio and foster productive dialogue among stakeholders. Through intensive trainings provided by the Racial Equity Institute of Greensboro, North Carolina, thousands of participants have heard a detailed history of racism in America that directly challenges deeply-held assumptions and reveals the devastating impacts of persistent racial inequality. The result is a community equipped with a common lexicon and increased local capacity to sustain racial awareness and support local change aimed at advancing a more equitable society. This session will share lessons from this effort and relay the important role of a common narrative in reducing racial disparities.