Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is the systematic process of analyzing stakeholders by their power and interest for the purposes of determining the who needs to at the table when developing and/or implementing a policy, program, or strategy. This influence map breaks down stakeholders by decision-makers, influencers, and connectors.

Use the Tool

 Stakeholder Analysis Influence Map

 Stakeholder Analysis Guidelines

Key Questions About the Tool

Who should use this tool?

Practitioners interested in enlisting the support and buy-in of key players or looking to gain an understanding of resources and points of leverage within an ecosystem.

What does this tool help you achieve?

Practitioners can use stakeholder analysis to identify key actors and to assess their knowledge, positions, alliances, and importance related to their purpose.

When should you use this tool?

While a stakeholder analysis can be used at any point, it is most effective when used before embarking on an initiative. Conducting a stakeholder analysis at the beginning of initiative is an opportunity to ensure that interests are aligned.