The Journey of Good Job Strategies

WEDNESDAY 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM | Job Quality – Far East Room

With the economy growing and record low levels of unemployment, filling open positions and retaining good employees is an even bigger challenge for employers. Learn about the journey of three employers – two manufacturing, one long-term care – and the technical assistance provided to help them, that improved their bottom line by developing and retaining their employees. The employers will discuss how their good job strategies address challenges of low wages, employee communication, and development. They will share lessons learned, results, and anticipated lasting benefits for the companies and their employees.


  • Debby Combs, Director of Industry Partnerships, Partners for a Competitive Workforce (Moderator)
  • Steven Barnett, CEO, Indy Honeycomb
  • Charles Daniels, CFO, Wepco Plastics, Hartford CT
  • Monica Perez, Workforce Program Specialist, Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
  • Beth Thress, Vice President of Human Resources, Maple Knoll Communities