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Four Stories of Systems Change

Review examples of systems change work from members of the National Fund network, specifically those focused on improving economic mobility.

Improving Economic Mobility in Four Cities

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Workforce funder collaboratives and other organizations interested in workforce development.

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Learn about the variety of workforce development problems and different approaches to systems change.

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Improving Economic Mobility in Four Cities

Breaking down barriers across systems is a critical component in improving outcomes for workers. These four collaboratives are working on place-based solutions to improve economic mobility for low wage workers by changing practices, bolstering education, and enhancing other local systems:


CareerRise is expanding access to services across the metro Atlanta Regional Workforce Development Board by enhancing how data is collected and disaggregated for more equitable outcomes (Watch a short video).


The Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative is using data-collection and -sharing to better understand and reduce racial inequity in the local workforce development system. The collaborative is partnering with local nonprofits to develop racial equity strategies and advocate for local and state policy reforms that address fundamental obstacles to economic mobility (Watch a short video).


The Fund for Our Economic Future is addressing physical and other disparities that deny people access to employment through innovative solutions that connect individuals to jobs and companies to talent (Watch a short video).

Syracuse, New York

CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity is aligning government and civic leadership to address the lack of diversity in the Syracuse workforce and promote economic development, specifically in the technology and construction industries (Watch a short video).


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