Act Phase

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You’ve done the important work of structuring your problem and thinking deeply about it. Now it’s time to act.

Why Acting is Important

Now you need to decide what to do and how to do it. This is the act phase. This is when you develop a comprehensive strategy, which is a coordinated set of activities designed to address each problem objective you identified during the think phase.

Here are the overall steps in this phase:

  1. Define your objectives, and organize them by using the tool, Organizing and Understanding Objectives.
  2. Design a strategy that matches your problem, your capabilities and resources, and your environment. Your strategy should be in line with the toolbox’s principles of systems change.
  3. With limited capabilities, choose the set of changes that will have the most impact (i.e., those you’re most likely to influence given your reach and resources). Make sure the actions match what you or your organization is uniquely positioned to do.

Act Phase in Practice

Atlanta CareerRise is acting to transform the local workforce board system by coordinating a multistakeholder, human-centered design process. This process brings the client perspective into the daily decisions and actions of hundreds of system actors.

Tools You Can Use in the Act Phase


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