New Orleans Works

New Orleans Works (NOW) is a public/private initiative led by foundations and regional public workforce partners to generate employer-focused workforce development solutions that offer low-skilled adults (entry-level jobseekers and incumbent workers) the opportunity for career advancement, and enable key industries to fulfill their workforce needs. NOW seeks to create innovative, sustainable workforce partnerships within the greater New Orleans area that enable low-skilled workers to advance in careers and businesses to compete. The Collaborative’s members—including private foundations and public workforce systems—pool funding, develop strategy, support sector-based programs and develop workforce partnerships that meet the career-advancement needs of workers and employers. NOW promotes change at three levels—individual, institutional, and system-wide—leading to better jobs, a larger pool of skilled workers, and an enhanced public workforce system in the greater New Orleans area. The Greater New Orleans Foundation serves as NOW’s fiscal-lead organization.

Sector Focus

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Industry Partnerships

Daughters of Charity

Based on supervisory needs and the growth of the health centers, the medical billing and coding position was identified as a path for front-office billers and accounts receivable specialists to move up the career ladder. Daughters of Charity specifically prepares front-office personnel to become certified medical billers and coders.

Hudson Thomas Program

The Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System (VA) provides primary, specialty, and mental health services for veterans. The VA developed the Hudson Thomas Program to provide a foundation for career advancement, providing fundamental skills to incumbent entry level employees that will prepare them for upward mobility.

Medical Assistant NOW Partnership (MA NOW)

The MA NOW program is designed specifically to address barriers to employment with education and on-the-job training as well as the wraparound, supportive services that will enable participants to be successful. Ochsner partnered with Delgado Community College, the largest and oldest community college in the state, to train jobseekers for the medical assistant role.

Collaborative Contact