We envision an equitable future where workers, employers, and communities are thriving and prosperous.

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The National Fund supported 89 industry partnerships in 2018 to improve business and workforce systems and make jobs better.




The National Fund network activated over 2,300 employers to implement demand-driven workforce solutions in 2018.




Since 2007, the National Fund has catalyzed $384 million in co-investment from over 800 local and national funders.



The National Fund is proud to support 30 regional funding collaboratives located across the country. Regional collaboratives bring together diverse partners to tackle workforce challenges and build stronger communities.

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Time to Reimagine: Important News about the 2021 Convening

6.30.20  •  by Josh Enoch  •  

The COVID-19 crisis has asked all of us to rethink how we live, play, and work. That includes how we come together as practitioners, co-investors, and employers to share practices…

HVAC Installation & Maintenance Fast-Track Training Graduation

6.29.20  •  by Staff at SRQ Magazine  •  

HVAC Installation & Maintenance Fast-Track Training Graduation

Eight employers join virtual job fair

6.26.20  •  by Ken Roberts at Northwest Florida Daily News  •  

Eight employers join virtual job fair

National Fund Newsletter - June 2020

6.25.20  •  by Josh Enoch  •  

  A Vicious Death Grip on the Soul of our Nation “Racism has a vicious death grip on the soul of our nation. You can’t pay lip service or dance…




We Can’t Train Our Way out of This Crisis

6.12.20  •  by Janice Urbanik  •  ,

The focus on training and placement during the Great Recession left our economy vulnerable and we’re paying the price today The coronavirus pandemic is teaching our nation a very painful…

A Vicious Death Grip on the Soul of our Nation: Confronting Racism in Workforce Development

6.4.20  •  by Michelle Wilson  •  ,

I started thinking about writing this post after reading my colleague Bryan Lindsley’s latest piece, “In a Changed World, It Matters How We Think About What to Do Next.” Bryan’s…

Re-Thinking Employee Benefits After COVID-19

5.28.20  •  by National Fund for Workforce Solutions  •  ,

Even as some employees head back to work, the financial burden on frontline workers remains severe. The ability to once again deposit a paycheck will not likely alleviate the mounting…

On-The-Job Training Regional Spotlights

5.26.20  •  by National Fund for Workforce Solutions  •  , ,

We partner with employers, intermediaries, and workers to co-create opportunities and solutions that allow workers to thrive. This includes training, upskilling, and workforce learning - such as on-the-job training. In-demand…