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How to Redesign Jobs and Workplaces

5.13.24  •  by Tom Strong  •  ,

At the National Fund, the way we see it, every workplace and every job is designed. The question is, who was it designed by, and what was it designed for?…

The Gig Economy: Improving Job Quality for Gig Workers

5.8.24  •  by National Fund for Workforce Solutions  •  

In recent years, the gig economy has emerged as a significant force in the labor market, reshaping the way people work and earn a living. The shift away from traditional…

Persistent Problems, New Solutions

4.30.24  •  by Amanda Cage  •  

If you chat with a childcare worker about their job, most will probably say they love what they do. Even so, the industry is scrambling to fill open positions, meet…

Connecting, Collaborating, and Co-creating to Accelerate Change

4.2.24  •  by Amanda Cage  •  ,

Here at the National Fund, we’ve been buzzing with excited energy — wrapping up projects, kicking off new ones, and of course our favorite part of each year, gathering our…


National Fund for Workforce Solutions Launches New Initiative Aimed at Shifting the Childcare Industry

4.3.24  •  by Josh Enoch  •  

Four network collaboratives will receive $200,000 grants to support their efforts to create better jobs for better access to childcare WASHINGTON, D.C., April 3, 2024 – The National Fund for…

National Fund for Workforce Solutions Announces 2023 Frontline Healthcare Worker Champions

12.13.23  •  by Josh Enoch  •  

Peer recognition program highlights healthcare systems dedicated to building equitable, inclusive workplaces through worker-centered workforce development programs.   Washington D.C. December 13, 2023 — The National Fund for Workforce Solutions…

New Research From National Fund for Workforce Solutions and Harvard’s Project on Workforce Charts a New Path for Career Navigation

11.29.23  •  by Josh Enoch  •  

Washington D.C. November 29, 2023 – The National Fund for Workforce Solutions today announced the publication of Unlocking Economic Prosperity: Career Navigation in a Time of Rapid Change, a white…

National Fund for Workforce Solutions Announces $8 Million Donation from MacKenzie Scott

9.29.23  •  by Josh Enoch  •  

Gift will help accelerate the National Fund’s efforts to advance racial equity in the workforce   Washington D.C. September 29, 2023 – The National Fund for Workforce Solutions is excited…