A network of healthcare leaders promoting investment in the skills and careers of frontline workers.

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CareerSTAT is a network of over 300 healthcare and workforce leaders. Together, they are creating good jobs and building equitable workplaces by making significant investments in frontline workers.

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CareerSTAT Frontline Healthcare Worker Champions

The CareerSTAT Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion program recognizes organizations making significant investments in their frontline workers to create good jobs and build equitable workplaces. Developed by healthcare industry peers, this award gives employers national recognition for their workforce development strategies and provides a platform to uplift and share promising practices. Organizations can either be recognized as Champions or Emerging champions, depending on the level of criteria the meet.

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Frontline Focused: Building Thriving and Equitable Workplaces Webinar Series

CareerSTAT’s 2023 webinar series, Frontline Focused: Building Thriving and Equitable Workplaces, aimed to help healthcare employers address both systemic exclusion and consistent recruitment and retention challenges in the healthcare industry. During the series, participants explored practices to remove barriers for underserviced populations, such as immigrant and refugee workers, people with conviction record or experiencing gender-based violence. This webinar series also included content specific to job quality frameworks, human-centered design principles, and trauma-informed practices.   

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Resource Center

CareerSTAT offers a range of resources on investing in frontline workers, understanding the healthcare workforce, and measuring the return on training investments. These resources are intended to support all types of healthcare organizations in starting, scaling or sustaining investments in their frontline employees.

CareerSTAT’s Guide to Investing in Frontline Healthcare Workers offers healthcare organizations evidence-based best practices, business metrics, and an integrated process for implementing and measuring training programs. The Guide consists of six separate, but complimentary, resources detailing various steps in the development process.


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