2023 Webinars

Frontline Focused: Building Inclusive Pathways to Skill Building and Advancement

June 8, 2023

Workers consistently report they value opportunities to build skills and advance their careers. The healthcare sector has numerous career pathways, but matching skills, interests, and opportunities isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds — particularly for workers who face intersecting barriers to education and work. For employers, effective internal advancement programs can help reduce turnover and fill critical roles. In this session, we’ll explore two examples of these programs implemented by CareerSTAT members.

Frontline Focused: Addressing Worker Safety, Engagement, and Inclusion Through Rapid-Cycle Learning

May 18, 2023

Most healthcare providers are familiar with rapid-cycle learning (also known as Plan-Do-Study-Act) as a way to improve patient care and operational efficiency through small, repeated experiments. What if the same approach could be used to improve retention, engagement and other workforce outcomes? We heard about how Duke Home Health leaders used the principles and practices of rapid cycle learning to identify root causes of their turnover and address them. We also discussed how a trauma-informed approach to workforce development can combine with approaches like DHH’s to address equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Frontline Focused Webinar: Workplace Equity is a Community Issue

April 20, 2023

Recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects your community is a key element to building an inclusive workplace. However, too many workers face too many barriers to getting and keeping a good job. Employers play an important role in supporting workers to navigate the social determinants of work, but they can’t – and shouldn’t- do it alone.
Leveraging partnerships with community-based organizations can be a vital link in reaching untapped and underserviced populations, but also take time to nurture and maintain. Join us to learn how two Boston-area healthcare employers engage with two community-based organizations to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

Frontline Focused Webinar: Deep Dive on Re-licensing for Immigrant and Refugee Healthcare Workers

April 6, 2023

Immigrants and refugees with healthcare experience and education are too often an untapped talent pool as healthcare employers strive to diversify their workforce and fill high-demand positions. Employers consistently cite aligning credentials and competencies between home countries and Federal and state regulations as a barrier. Join Rebecca Neuwirth, Executive Vice President, and Tamar Forlichstein-Appel, Senior Employment Advisor from Upwardly Global for Deep Dive on Re-licensing for Immigrant and Refugee Healthcare Workers.

Frontline Focused Webinar: Equitable Workplaces Drive Competitive Advantage

March 23, 2023

On March 23, CareerSTAT launches a new webinar series, Frontline Focused: Building Thriving and Equitable Workplaces. The first webinar of the series, Equitable Workplaces Drive Competitive Advantage, features recent research that illustrates the challenges facing employers in our “new normal.” Tom Strong, National Fund’s Director of Employer Activation, will help you utilize this data to identify effective practices and develop a strategy for becoming an employer of choice.