Our Mission

We collaborate with workers, employers, and communities to advance a skilled workforce, promote good jobs, and invest in equitable outcomes.

We work with leaders in business, education, philanthropy, and workforce development nationally and in our more than 30 partner communities to invest in and scale innovative models that connect individuals to in-demand skills, generate good jobs, and help American business find and develop the talent critical for their success.

Specifically, the National Fund has outlined the following key priorities for the next two years. Read National Fund Summary: Model and Results for a one-page summary on our work and success.

Advocate for Community Prosperity and Opportunity for All

The National Fund will promote community prosperity built on valuing workers, supporting local employers, and investing in economic growth. It will support good jobs that generate a competitive advantage for employers and a career pathway to family-sustaining income.

Advance Healthcare’s Frontline Workers

The dramatic expansion of insured individuals under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) combined with increases in Medicaid coverage, the baby-boom retirements, and the growing numbers of seniors living longer will create significant opportunities for job growth and changes in business practices. By recognizing employer leaders and disseminating exemplary practices, CareerSTAT seeks to become a major force for upskilling frontline healthcare workers and promoting public and private policies to address these challenges.

Provide Better Outcomes to Low-Wage Workers, Job Seekers, and Young Adults

Industry partnerships, supported by National Fund regional collaboratives, will continue to serve low-wage jobseekers and incumbent workers by helping those who complete training obtain good careers and/or advance to higher-paying jobs with better benefits. The National Fund and its partners will continue to focus on preparing underserved populations like young adults.

Foster Employer Leaders

The National Fund’s future success will depend largely on the development, growth, and dedication of employers. As a key partner, the National Fund wants to support businesses who commit to improving business practices in their own firms, who promote these changes to peers, and who advocate for workforce system and policy improvements. They will also be key to better outcomes for young adults, a real-time understanding of industry trends and innovations, and identifying skill alignments across industries.

Increase Scale of Systems Change

Systems Change in the National Fund For Workforce SolutionsThe National Fund will encourage improvements in business and workforce system practices to reach scale. These practices include increased investments in training, apprenticeships, and/or other work-based learning; prepaid tuition and/or access to other educational services; wage and benefits improvements; articulated career pathways; paid time-off and other measures. The National Fund documented its system change accomplishments through December 2015 in Systems Change in the National Fund for Workforce Solutions.

Support Effective, Sustainable Regional Collaboratives

The National Fund supports more than 30 regional collaboratives and 85 active industry partnerships with technical assistance and coaching, peer learning opportunities, new research, LMI, and financial resources. These regional collaboratives are the heart of the National Fund’s network and mission and have major accomplishments in their community and regions including:

  • Raising public and business support for high-quality training and education for job seekers and workers;
  • Improving workforce, business and education systems by organizing employers, aligning educational curriculum with high-demand skills, designing industry-responsive career-centers;
  • Elevating private and public attention around workforce, labor and poverty issues;
  • Designing career pathways in high-growth industries and serving target populations including young adults and the formerly incarcerated.


Generate Strong Industry Partnerships in New Sectors

The National Fund seeks to support its active industry partners and develop new partnerships that meet most of the characteristics of a high-performing industry partnership. This will require active assistance from the National Fund and will necessitate assistance in forming partnerships in new sectors such as information technology, hospitality, the maritime trades, energy, retail, and automotive technology.