Kentuckiana Workforce Partners

Kentuckiana Workforce Partners works with its public partner KentuckianaWorks, to help connect individuals to high-demand careers and make better investments in workforce development. Kentuckiana Workforce Partners serves a region that includes 26 counties along the I-65 corridor in Kentucky and Southern Indiana and provides skills assessments, career pathways, and training opportunities to jobseekers and incumbent workers tailored to the needs identified by employer partnerships in targeted sectors.

Sector Focus

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Industry Partnerships

Health Care Collaboratives of Greater Louisville

The Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Louisville is engaged in career and education pathway development, advising on the development and opening of the Kentucky Health Career Center, forecasting workforce needs in health care, and developing programming to address workforce shortages, including a certified nursing assistant (CNA) retention program to elevate current nonclinical employees to CNA positions.

Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center (KMCC) Employer Advisory Group

Providing career services and training for manufacturing jobseekers, KMCC Employer Advisory Group has guided the development of the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center since 2012. The partnership has sponsored National Manufacturing Day events to promote manufacturing and held a series of “Promising Practices for Employee Retention and Engagement.” Currently lobbying state government for an advanced manufacturing center, the KMCC runs Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician classes; provides “soft skills” training, English as a Second Language, and Adult Basic Education; and holds hiring events.

WorkOne Manufacturing Partnership

In addition to the coordination of the “Strategic Doing Process” and Manufacturing Technical Skills Survey, the Manufacturing Partnership runs the MSSC Certified Technician Classes for incumbents of partner companies and jobseekers, helps to build awareness of manufacturing as a career by supporting National Manufacturing Day activities, and is helping to launch a new computer numerical control (CNC) program, which was a critical need identified in an employer survey.

Collaborative Contact

Aleece Smith Director of Sector Strategies