Partner4Work is the workforce development organization that connects funding, expertise, and opportunities to develop a thriving workforce in the Pittsburgh region.

We partner with businesses to source and train the talent needed to grow the region’s economy. We partner with job seekers to break down barriers and open doors to opportunity for careers in growing industries. And we partner with agencies to make an impact in communities, to reach people where they are and set them on the path for a promising future.

We partner for information; we partner for impact; we partner for innovation; we partner for inspiration.

We Partner4Work! 

Sector Focus

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Bio-Science & Bio-Manufacturing
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Industry Partnerships

Materials Science Industry Partnership

The Materials Science Industry Partnership (MSIP) seeks to foster a progressive group of materials-related firms to increase the regional industry’s capacity and competence for innovation in engineering, science, and technology. The MSIP has focused on difficult-to-find, “innovation” skills, i.e., those addressing company needs for science, engineering, design, and technical talent. Since its creation in 2007, the MSIP has trained over 1,877 individuals in advanced technological skills, providing a critical leverage point to enable industry expansion. The MSIP seeks to nurture innovation within the region by teaching skills related to problem solving, process improvement, and product commercialization. Aside from training, the MSIP performs other critical functions including: speaking regularly with materials, manufacturing, and technology companies; conducting a “continuous survey” to assess the industry’s needs; and sharing best practices among participating firms.

Healthcare Industry Partnership

The Healthcare Industry Partnership is committed to supporting a world-class health care workforce in the Pittsburgh region. The health care industry is vital to the region as the number one employer and offers unique career pathway opportunities for a range of skill sets. This partnership seeks to enable new hires and incumbent workers to effectively identify and progress up an appropriate career ladder.

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