Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance

The Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance (CWFA) collaborates with employers and other workforce stakeholders to increase employment, earnings and racial equity for underprepared workers in the Chicago region. CWFA is a joint initiative of multiple grantmakers working to help individuals and strengthen the economy with employment and skills training. Formed in 2012, the Funder Alliance engages local, regional, and national philanthropy to pool resources and pursue a shared mission to support Chicago workers and businesses. The Alliance is built on the notion that a skilled workforce creates more successful businesses, more stable families, and a stronger economy.

Sector Focus

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Green Services & Energy Efficiency
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Information Technology
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Industry Partnerships

Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership

The Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership is working to improve the connections and coordination between manufacturers and workforce development efforts in the Chicago Southland. CGMP provides shared recruitment and assessment services to trainer partners, light case management to enrollees during training, and placement and retention services after training. By sharing these services across multiple colleges and multiple employers, and coordinating closely with municipal economic development efforts, CGMP is able to bring improved outcomes for all its constituencies including employers, jobseekers, and workforce development partners.

Illinois IT STEM Learning Exchange

The Illinois IT STEM Learning Exchange partnership is working to incorporate business feedback into workforce and education systems and is particularly focused on developing a “labor pipeline” that connects individuals in high school or community colleges to a good job. The partnership is focusing on improving and expanding work-based learning programs in order to help students learn while working and develop in-demand IT skills. The partnership offers students access to mentors, project-based learning, and on-the-job training opportunities.

The Genesis Movement

The Genesis Movement is an innovative initiative working to change how local manufacturers hire, train, and utilize talent. The Movement is partnering with Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center to support local manufacturers in developing better talent management and HR strategies with the goals of increasing wages for entry-level and frontline staff, encouraging the training of frontline staff, developing supports and benefits to create more good jobs, expanding supervisory capacity for frontline staff, and offering more internal career pathways for employees to grow and seek promotion. IMEC is working with area manufacturers to change their approach to their employees and improve their HR and business practices.

Collaborative Contact

Matt Bruce Executive Director