Frontline Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to our physical, mental, and financial health. Families have lost loved ones. Businesses have struggled to stay afloat. Many have lost their jobs or a substantial portion of the family income. Everyone has felt its impact.

With Frontline Forward, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions recognizes employers whose good jobs practices have protected, supported, and developed frontline workers throughout the pandemic – and beyond. The businesses we are spotlighting have made the workplace safer and provided compassion, support, and flexibility to families during this time of illness and uncertainty. They’ve offered advancement opportunities, so workers are more resilient to future shocks. Most importantly, they’ve created an inclusive workplace culture that ensures every team member is valued and given the chance to take part in their own — as well as the company’s – success.

These kinds of people-first business strategies create value under the best of conditions, but during times of crisis, employers find they pay even greater dividends.

Frontline Forward is made possible through a generous investment from Walmart to engage service sector employers to improve the quality of their jobs.