Healthcare Connect 2018


Join innovative and select healthcare and workforce leaders from across the country at Healthcare Connect: Developing the Frontline Workforce Together. Starting with a networking event and awards reception on October 24th, we will learn, share and amplify solutions to build and sustain talent in your community while improving your organization’s performance.

CareerSTAT, an initiative of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, and the Health Careers Pathways Network, an initiative of the Hope Street Group — two national networks of healthcare professionals — will provide attendees with the newest approaches healthcare organizations are using to hire, train, and retain critical frontline staff. At Healthcare Connect, you will have the opportunity to engage with your peers and explore opportunities to advance entry-level and middle-skill healthcare workers. Registration ends on October 5, 2018. Do not miss out on this great event!

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We are pleased to offer four workshop tracks on October 25. Each of these tracks will progressively build on content throughout the day to provide you with key insights from experts across the country on a variety of issues and topics surrounding healthcare workers.

Designing and Marketing Your Talent Development Strategy Developing Pipelines & Pathways for Frontline Workers Implementing Healthcare Apprenticeships to Fill Skill Gaps Adopting Equity and Inclusion Practices for Frontline Worker Success

How to create and market a data-informed, compelling talent development strategy to obtain buy-in from key stakeholders, including leadership, employees, clinical managers, and the community.

Strategies to develop multiple pipelines through sourcing local talent and investing in incumbent advancement to fill high demand positions.

Learn key aspects of healthcare apprenticeships, including different program models, how to design a program, engage clinical leaders and identify job competencies.

Learn how to integrate policies and practices that intentionally provide frontline workers with equitable and inclusive opportunity to succeed and grow.

Event Agenda