Addressing the Workforce Challenges Ahead

This September marks the third Workforce Development Month. This is a celebration of all the efforts across the country to invest in workers that build prosperous and thriving communities. With a national network of over 30 communities, in urban, suburban, and rural areas, the National Fund has a unique outlook on the workforce development landscape. By collaborating with workers, employers, and communities, the we are able to advance a skilled workforce, promote good jobs, and invest in equitable outcomes to ensure that communities are thriving and prosperous.

The topline economic numbers continue to paint a rosy picture of a robust and growing economy with a tight labor market. But when you dig a bit deeper, you see the truth; the economy is not working for everyone. In fact, earlier this year in Dallas, we brought together workforce leaders from across the country to discuss critical workforce challenges. We called our convening The Time is Now: Building an Economy That Works for Everyone.

At the National Fund, we employ several key solutions to address these challenges. We will be shining a light on these solutions over the course of the month. The foundation of all our solutions is our national network, which brings together a wide range of partners aligned with our mission, vision, and core values. We activate employers to invest in the workforce and adopt policies and practices that make jobs better. We equip workers for success and change the systems that hinder their access to opportunity and advancement. We catalyze our network to co-invest in these solutions so communities have the resources they need to do the work. Together, these solutions lead to prosperous and thriving workers, employers, and communities.

Today’s workforce development is more than train and place. It’s about reexamining systems that aren’t working. It’s about tearing down barriers that exclude people of color from opportunities to learn new skills and advance in a career. It’s about employers seeing their workforce as an asset to be invested in, not a cost to be minimized. It is about investing in people, designing more good jobs, and building an economy that works for everyone. While every month at the National Fund is workforce development month, this September, we encourage you to learn more about our network, our solutions, and our impact.

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