Competency-Based Instruction Programmatic


Competency-based instruction focuses on the knowledge, skill, and attitude needed to succeed in at a task or job rather than classroom hours. It is particularly valuable for work-based learning because the necessary skills and knowledge are clearly defined and tied to specific occupations. In addition, learning can be self-paced. A growing number of healthcare systems are using this model in apprenticeships, where instructors check off skills as students master them.


There are two options regarding how to deliver competency-based instruction. Employers can partner with a local college or company that has developed such programs, including online learning platforms. Or healthcare systems may prefer to develop an in-house program. Whether you are using a third party to deliver the program or develop it yourself, here are critical steps to keep in mind.

• Identify the skill, knowledge, and attitude needed to acquire mastery of the subject area.
• Provide learning activities that are meaningful and connected to the targeted occupations.
• Ensure students have explicit learning objectives, a roadmap, and a clear understanding of what they must master.
• Incorporate self-paced, student-directed learning as much as possible.
• Prepare learning materials and resources.
• Incorporate meaningful assessments to measure student progress and competencies mastery.
• Determine who will conduct the assessments and what training they need in order to assess accurately.
• Provide support for students who struggle to attain mastery.
• Identify an effective student management system.
• Create an evaluation process that measures the results and efficacy of the program.


Competency-Based Occupational Frameworks for Registered Apprenticeships.

A website that includes frameworks and competencies for registered apprenticeships in several healthcare occupations, including medical assistants, surgical technicians, and several other occupations.

College for America

An example of a university that is a pioneer and leader in the delivery of online, competency-based degree programs in healthcare geared to working adults.

A Toolkit for Registered Apprenticeship in Healthcare, Healthcare Career Advancement Program.

A guide to the implementation of registered apprenticeship as a workforce solution for the healthcare industry.

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