Don’t Blame Schools for Unfilled Crappy Jobs

Community Voting for SXSW EDU is Open – Vote on PanelPicker Ideas August 5-23


PanelPicker community voting is now open. Cast your vote in support of our panel, “Don’t Blame Schools for Unfilled Crappy Jobs” at SXSW EDU, August 5-23, 2019.

We hear a lot about low unemployment, plentiful jobs, and how employers have a talent issue: they can’t find people with the right skills and they blame the schools. But it’s not a talent problem. It’s a jobs problem. Most of these jobs are low paying and low quality. It’s time to flip the script. Educators are in a unique position to get employers to create better jobs and make them accessible to everyone. Sending kids into bad jobs would be a terrible waste of teachers’ hard work and passion.

How to Vote

To participate in community voting, visit and sign in or create a free account.

Once signed on, you can begin voting! Select “SXSW EDU 2020” from the conference dropdown and then further filter through the proposals by session format, programming track, and level. You can also search the proposals by title, description, keyword tags, and speakers using the search field.


Each voter can cast one vote per proposal by selecting “arrow up” for yes or “arrow down” for no. Additionally, voters can leave a constructive comment about the proposals or ask questions for the organizer.

The PanelPicker Process

PanelPicker helps to shape the depth and scope of the SXSW EDU conference programming by giving the community a voice. Community voting comprises 30% of the selection decision, plus input of the SXSW Staff (30%) and Advisory Board (40%) helps ensure that less well-known voices have as much of a chance of being selected to speak at SXSW EDU as individuals with large online followings. Together these percentages help determine the final content lineup.

More information about PanelPicker can be found in the PanelPicker FAQ or the SXSW PanelPicker page.

The final deadline for PanelPicker community voting is Friday, August 23 at 11:59pm PT.