#NFMeeting Live Blog: Young Adults & Their Employers

“No one will serve young adults better than their own community.”– Dana Politis, Montefiore Health System

At this afternoon’s Young Adults & Their Employers: A Win-Win Proposition workshop, the focus was on how organizations across the country are creating new employee hiring, engagement and retention strategies in order to attract young adults. These individuals, specifically 18-24 year-olds, are out of school and out of work. Many are looking to establish a career path and find a welcoming, inclusive workplace where they can develop their skill set.

Dana Politis from Montefiore Health System and Kerry Funke from Nationwide represent two very different industries – insurance and healthcare – with one very common goal: connecting with and hiring young adults.

Dana and Kerry’s most notable takeaways to recruiting and retaining young adults include:
• A mentor is key. Provide new young adult workers with a staff mentor who can guide them on proper workplace conduct, answer any questions and help them assimilate into the organization’s culture. This includes everything from addressing office politics to learning how to upkeep a uniform (for those in the healthcare industry).
• Manage their expectations. Often, young adult workers are in a rush to climb the organizational ladder. Offer opportunities for them to shadow more experienced workers and slowly learn the ropes of what could be their future role! Extended training time is of utmost importance.
• Address workplace culture. Openly address your organization’s dress code policies and privacy rules – e.g.: no selfies allowed in the bathroom!
• Mobilize a relatable recruiting team. . Young adults will feel more comfortable with recruiters that are closer to their age group.
• Consider your culture: Your organization needs to evolve in order to accept differences!