On-The-Job Training Regional Spotlights

We partner with employers, intermediaries, and workers to co-create opportunities and solutions that allow workers to thrive. This includes training, upskilling, and workforce learning – such as on-the-job training.

In-demand industries, like advanced manufacturing, require a more robust worker pipeline, and employers are clamoring for skilled workers. On-the-job training allows workers, especially women and people of color, to gain marketable skills and build relationships with employers, while employers ensure their specific workforce needs are met.

With a grant from the Boeing Company, the National Fund is implementing an on-the-job training program in five communities across the country. Each of the communities has developed their individual programs to meet the unique needs of their region and employers. Learn more about on-the-job training throughout the National Fund network.

Expanding Opportunities in Manufacturing in Chicago

Chicagoland Workforce Funders Alliance – Chicago, IL

Building Philadelphia’s Advanced Manufacturing Pipeline

Job Opportunity Investment Network (JOIN) – Philadelphia, PA

Fast-Track to Success Through On-The-Job Training

CareerEdge Funders Collaborative – Sarasota, FL

Advancing Careers in Aerospace Manufacturing

Seattle-King Workforce Funders Collaborative – Seattle, WA

Building a New Advanced Manufacturing Workforce in Wichita

Preparation for Aviation/Advanced Career Employment System (PACES) – Wichita, KS