On-The-Job Training Regional Spotlight: Sarasota-Bradenton

Fast-Track to Success Through On-The-Job Training

This program takes a multi-pronged effort to expand manufacturing opportunities in the region.

Targeted Outreach.

CareerEdge will engage community-based organizations to conduct outreach to underserved populations about OJT and other opportunities.

Fast, Flexible Training.

A portion of this funding will also support the existing Fast Track program to include training in precision machining, CNC machinist, production supervisor, and other areas of need identified by employers. Participants receive contextualized classroom training for these positions in the evenings at the local technical school to accommodate daytime work schedules.

The Next Generation of Leaders.

Frontline workers who wish to advance will have access to industry-recognized production technician training courses designed to increase participants’ knowledge base and acquire certification to allow them to become the next generation of leaders in key areas of production and logistics.